“Homeset; Quality for All, Not Some”

Homeset, which entered the sector with the production of young rooms 20 years ago, later added the bedroom and dining room, which it is now very assertive to, to its product group. Homeset has struggled for a long time to meet the needs of the middle and upper class with accessible quality. With its intense efforts in R&D studies and its communication strategy aiming to reach the right person at the right time; By focusing on spending right, not saving, it transformed purchasing power from being a "power" into an ordinary choice. Currently, with a team of 68 people; He knew how to be at the center of furniture that you can lean on comfortably, trust-based customer relations and families who laugh at their tables.


Homeset; accepts the construction of the future not as a material-based existence, but as an experience-based reality. He thinks that not money, but enough money is the key motto to reach comfort.



Homeset; It aims to make its vision sustainable through market researches and face-to-face meetings, and operates both at home and abroad so that accessible quality can enter all homes. While making each of its consumers innovative with the necessary trend tracking; creates customer loyalty with its durable products.